Patient Information on  Total Hip Replacement (THR)

  • A simple overview of the operation of total hip replacement.
  • Understand what complications can occur during and post operatively in a THR
  • Basic information on how to prepare before and after your operation.
  • Getting ready for your operation
  • What to expect during your full hospital stay.
  •  This information is designed to help you through the transition from hospital to home.
  • Useful information to aid you to make a full recovery.

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Total Hip Replacement


Post operative complications-A

Post operative complications-B

Discharge Planning

Why revision surgery is needed

An existing hip replacement can sometimes need re-doing, this is known as revision surgery. There are many reasons why this may be recommended including repeated dislocation of the ball from the socket, fracture of the bone around the replacement, infection, and significant wear of the existing replacement.  Your surgeon’s team will explain more about the reasons for your operation in clinic and at your pre-operative assessment appointment.

Revision surgery can range from a simple swap of a worn hip socket liner through to more extensive, complicated surgery involving the bones of the pelvis and thigh as well as the artificial ball and socket. Because of this, your operation and recovery will be individual to you and the advice you are given will be personalised for you.

This booklet provides some general advice but this may vary depending on the recommendations of your surgeon. Please feel welcome to ask if you are unsure about anything related to your operation.