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Properties and use of acrylic cement
Design and biomechanics of a successful cemented hip arthroplasty
The science of loosening, lysis and wear
Preparation of patients for successful surgery
Potential complications and their avoidance
Modern primary surgical techniques and new developments
Complex primary hip arthroplasty and specialist techniques
Management of femoral neck fractures with cemented arthroplasty
Outcomes of cemented hip arthroplasty• Principles of revision hip arthroplasty
Basic science of impaction bone grafting in revision surgery
Femoral and acetabular impaction bone grafting techniques
Results of revision with bone graft and cement
Management of infected hip arthroplasty
The use of robotics in hip arthroplasty


Extensively rewritten second edition, The Exeter Hip Unit and colleagues from
around the world describe 50 years of innovation and development in cemented hip arthroplasty.
This book is much more than a guide to the use of a particular prosthesis. Over 30 international
co-authors explain and define the fundamental principles that form the foundations for any successful hip arthroplasty.
The basic science and surgical techniques in modern cemented hip arthroplasty and revision surgery are described, including:


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